About Menorca

There is a lot more to Menorca than sunshine and beaches – let us show you some of the island’s best-kept secrets.

It may sound like a cliché when we say Menorca is unspoiled – but it really is. The island has charted a different course from neighbouring Mallorca and Ibiza and remains charmingly low-key. You won’t find many designer boutiques, exclusive nightclubs or party boats here. What you will find is sleepy little fishing villages, rolling hills dotted with whitewashed farmhouses, and well over 100 beaches and coves, many of which remain completely undeveloped.

Throughout its history, Menorca’s position in the western Mediterranean has made it a key strategic stronghold. A succession of invasions and occupations – from the Carthaginians and the Moors to the British and the French – have all left their mark on the island’s architecture, culture and culinary traditions.

The low-key sustainable development of the island, along with its varied flora and fauna and diversity of natural habitats have all contributed to the island being declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

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