Cooking Itinerary

The following itinerary gives you an idea of what to expect on a culinary week, but bear in mind that this is Spain, and things can change! Days follow the easy rhythm of Spanish life: meals are taken later and there is always time for a siesta or a little quiet time in the afternoon.

Explore or relax by the pool before drinks & dinner on the terrace

After arrival at the farmhouse the rest of the day is left open for you to acclimatise, explore the property, go for a walk in the countryside, find your way to the beach or relax by the pool. Weʼll all meet in the evening for welcome drinks and dinner prepared by our in-house chef which, weather permitting, will be served on the terrace.

A boat across the harbour, vermouth tasting plus two cooking lessons

Itʼs an early start today, so that we can take the boat across Mahon harbour to the Isla del Rey, a tiny island that once served as a military hospital. Following a guided tour during which youʼll hear about this islandʼs fascinating history, weʼll enjoy a traditional Menorcan breakfast.

Back on the “mainland” we take a stroll along the picturesque harbour and stop for a glass of homemade vermouth (or a coffee, if preferred!) at one of our favourite little bars. Then itʼs off to the seaside – what better place to learn about seafood preparation. Youʼll meet the first of our wonderful professional chefs who trained in well known London restaurants before running two successful restaurants on the island. Any apprehension you may have previously felt about cleaning and cooking fish and shellfish will be put to rest and, before you know it, youʼll be tucking into a seafood feast at the waterʼs edge.

We head back to the farmhouse in the afternoon and get ready for another cooking class. This one will be taught by Chef David, one of the islandʼs leading chefs, who trained in Madrid before falling in love with Menorca and opening his restaurant here. The evening will be spent learning how to prepare a variety of modern tapas, as well as practicing carving Iberico ham. Enjoy the fruits of your labour, along with wine pairings, for dinner.

Explore Ciudadella, visit the market and enjoy a cooking lesson

Today we travel west to Ciudadella, Menorcaʼs second largest town and the former capital of the island. Itʼs a town steeped in history and has some wonderful Baroque and Gothic architecture, so youʼll want to bring your camera.We spend some time exploring the narrow cobbled streets, ancient churches and elegant old palaces, before making our way to a typical town house. Here, weʼll have a class in how to prepare one of Menorcaʼs most traditional dishes: the famed caldereta, or seafood stew.
After feasting on caldereta, salad and wine in the courtyard, we make our way back to the farmhouse and spend a relaxed afternoon reading, chatting, sunbathing or swimming. Thereʼs nothing more you need do today, except make space for another excellent meal, this one prepared by our in-house chef.

Visit Alaior, a cooking lesson, & winery tour with tasting & tapas

Itʼs a slow, easy start today. Go for a bike ride, wander down to the coast or, if you want, weʼll take you into the nearby town of Alaior for a spot of shopping. Chef David will lead a cooking class at the farmhouse at noon, so that whatever you prepare – he will pick up whatever ingredients are fresh, seasonal and full of flavour – youʼll be able to enjoy it for lunch. Save space for dessert – itʼs one of Davidʼs family recipes, and a closely guarded secret!

In the early evening we visit one of the few wineries on the island. There is a tour of the vineyards and the winemaking facilities, before tasting a few of the different wines, paired with some tempting tapas.

Stay at the farmhouse soak up the peace or choose an option

A totally free day. Stay at the farmhouse and soak up the peace, head out on your own to see what gems you find, or ask us and weʼll help organise activities for you today: anything from horse riding to jeep safaris or shopping is possible.

Lunch and dinner are not included today, so itʼs a great opportunity to try a local restaurant (or two). Just ask if you want us to make you reservations. Alternatively, if you prefer to eat at the farmhouse, meals can be ordered with advance notice.

Explore Mahon, cooking class, gin tasting, and visit a fishing village

This morning those who wish can visit the island capital, Mahon. Wander through the main shopping streets, stop for a cold drink in one of the many squares and enjoy the views of the natural harbour. Back at the farmhouse David joins us around midday for a cooking class, this one focused on a traditional Spanish dish, which you then enjoy for lunch.
In the evening we visit a historic farmhouse for an entertaining history lesson – in this case the story of how the British introduced gin production to the island in the 18th century. Youʼll be able try the local tipple in several variations, illustrating the different ways it has been imbibed over the centuries. Later we make our way to Cales Fonts, a pretty little fishing port lined with bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy a drink and a snack or just take a walk along the waterfront.

Farm visit, seafront restaurant lunch and barberque dinner with guitar

We go to a local farm that produces the popular Queso de Mahon cheese today. Youʼll be able to see the artisan process of cheese making and of course taste it at different stages of maturity, along with a variety of local cured meats and

Thereʼs no cooking class today. Instead, we will enjoy lunch at Chef Davidʼs seaside restaurant and bid him farewell. Back at the farmhouse thereʼs one more chance to get hands-on in the cooking department when everybody pitches in to prepare the evening barbecue – our last meal together, accompanied by fine wines, live guitar music and lots of laughs.

Time to pack those bags – donʼt forget your new recipes – and wish new friends a fond farewell.